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GlycoSurf’s proprietary, patented processes achieve industry leading purities and are scalable.

Rhamnolipid Surfactants—

Rhamnolipids are a class of glycolipid surfactants traditionally produced primarily by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, amongst other organisms, frequently cited as the best characterized of the bacterial surfactants[1][2][3] Rhamnolipids have a sugar head group (water-loving), i.e. rhamnose sugar, and a fatty acid tail (water-hating).[4][5] Specifically, there are two main classes of rhamnolipids, mono-rhamnolipids and di-rhamnolipids; consisting of one or two rhamnose groups respectively.[6] One major drawback to biological Rhamnolipids is the heterogeneous nature of the fatty acid tailgroup. Research has shown a high variability in length and degree of branching of the fatty acid, and typically over 40 unique rhamnolipid structures (congeners) are present in any one sample of rhamnolipids.[1] Additionally, many variances in the rhamnolipid mixtures currently sold on the market can be observed depending on the growth media used and the environmental conditions.[7] No two batches of rhamnolipids are ever alike! Further drawbacks of biosynthesis of rhamnolipids include low production yields, difficult to purify and isolate the rhamnolipids, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a known pathogen, and they exhibit extremely high manufacturing costs. Consequently, these factors present great challenges for the production of rhamnolipids, which results in low product availability and prohibitively high costs!

GlycoSurf Rhamnolipid Surfactants—

To address these problems, GlycoSurf has developed a NEW low cost, high purity, scalable technology for the production of rhamnolipids. GlycoSurf’s proprietary technology eliminates the need for bacteria altogether, and simply uses traditional synthesis methods. Our unique synthesis process produces high-purity and consistent rhamnolipid bio-based surfactants for all applications!  GlycoSurf’s process offers single-congener rhamnolipids, in high-purity (>98% pure), meaning no more mixtures of material that are not reproducible!

All of our rhamnolipid surfactants contain four unique stereo-isomers. For instance the Rha-C10C10 molecule contains the following conformations: R,R; R,S; S,R; and S,S. This is extremely unique, because traditional bio-synthetic pathways only produce the R,R stereoisomer. This feature further differentiates our products from the competition!

(>98%  pure) mono-Rhamnolipid C10C10 (Rha-C10C10)

Racemic Mixture of Four Stereoisomers


$150 (10 mg)

$300 (100 mg)

Catalog # Rha-C10C10

Mol. Formula: C26H48O9

Mol. Weight: 504.65 g/mol

(>98%  pure) mono-Rhamnolipid C12C12 (Rha-C12C12)

Racemic Mixture of Four Stereoisomers


$150 (10 mg)

$300 (100 mg)

Catalog # Rha-C12C12

Mol. Formula: C30H52O9

Mol. Weight: 556.3 g/mol

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  1. Donald Holt 1 year ago

    Does this work on removal of carbon and soot buildup from Diesel Particulate Filter, exhaust parts and engine parts in general.

  2. Julianna 8 months ago

    It offers batches of rhamnolipids as research feedstock to companies that have greener criteria in their R D programs for “cosmeceutical” products such as moisturizers, anti-oxidants, skin-lightening creams, anti-aging creams and sunscreen.

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