Rhamnolipid Surfactants are New and Environmentally-Aware 

Surfactants, in general, are molecules consisting of a hydrophilic (water-loving) part and a hydrophobic (water-hating) part. The combination of a hydrophilic head-group with a hydrophobic tail-group is what is collectively referred to as a surfactant. In general, there are only a few types of surfactants commercially available (Anionic, Non-Ionic, Cationic, & Amphoteric). Each of these types of surfactants can be further defined by their substrate type: synthetic or green (i.e. bio-based).  GlycoSurf makes (rhamnolipid) bio-based, eco-friendly surfactants. Synthetic surfactants are very well characterized materials and are considered commodity products. In fact, millions of tons of traditional synthetic surfactants are sold today worldwide, and the estimated market size is ~$73 billion annually worldwide. Surfactants are utilized in many applications such as soaps, personal care, textiles, industry & institutional cleaning, elastomers & plastics, oilfield chemicals, agriculture, food emulsifiers, & many others.

What is a Rhamnolipid?

The formation of green surfactants simply refers to the source of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. GlycoSurf focuses on producing green surfactants by using renewable sugar molecules (such as rhamnose, glucose, etc.) to serve as the hydrophilic head-group. GlycoSurf also employs natural oleochemical sources for the hydrophobic tail-group in our green surfactants. The increasing demand for eco-friendly surfactants(bio-based) , specifically from the European and North American regions, is driving the growth of the surfactants market in general. Regulations and non-toxicity requirements are among the main factors favoring the use of green surfactants in these regions.

Why Rhamnolipid? 

Green Surfactants are in demand for a wide range of industrial applications as they increase solubility, foaming capacity and lower surface tensions. In particular, rhamnolipid has been used broadly in the cosmetic industry for products such as moisturizers, anti-aging creams, anti-acne skincare, and shampoos. Rhamnolipid is also efficacious in bioremediation of organic and heavy metal polluted sites.

GlycoSurf manufactures green surfactants for a wide variety of applications. If you would like to purchase materials please visit our Shop by clicking Here.