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GlycoSurf - Green Glycolipid Surfactants



Rhamnolipids (and glycolipids) are biodegradable and non-toxic green surfactants.


Rhamnose sugar surfactants are inherently safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional petrochemical-based surfactants.

High Purity and Scalability

Our synthetic process produces glycolipid surfactants in greater than 95% purity; resulting in better performance properties than the competition.

Natural, Bio-Inspired

Our products include bio-inspired rhamnolipid surfactants and a large variety of unique, bio-inspired glycolipid surfactants for applications in cleaning, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, bioremediation, and more.

High Performance

Our bio-inspired production process follows the 12 Steps of Green Chemistry to produce high-purity products that exceed performance expectations.

Low Cost

Despite their higher performance and eco-friendliness, GlycoSurf’s products won’t break the bank like other, lower performing biosurfactants on the market today.


Who Is GlycoSurf?

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, Forward Thinking

GlycoSurf is a start-up specialty chemical company founded in 2013. Focused on scalable production and an industry leading purity of greater than 95 percent, GlycoSurf offers products that are in their own realm of quality and potential. Our products are rhamnolipids and similar rhamnose-sugar based glycolipid surfactants, so not only are they more effective then others, but they are eco-friendly and sustainable.  Our green surfactants are new and innovative bio-based chemicals that are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Unique and Healthy Cosmetic Formulations

Green sugar-based surfactants allow for healthier and more skin-friendly cosmetic formulations. Rhamnolipids can be used in a wide variety of product formulations such as moisturizers, anti-aging creams, anti-acne skincare, or shampoos. They exhibit good stability over a wide pH, temperature range, and varying salinity concentrations. Try some in your next formulation!

Your Local Ecosystem Needs to Stay Clean Too

The cleaning agent industry is a major consumer of surfactants. The majority of surfactants used, though, are traditional petroleum based surfactants. These petroleum based surfactants may be both toxic to humans and detrimental to the environment. GlycoSurf’s green surfactants are nontoxic, eco-friendly, and more effective than traditional surfactants and could play a major role in the cleaning agent industry.

Cleaning Up After the Other Guys...

Remediation of polluted earth is a common necessity in modern times. Many incidents of environmental detriment are contamination and deposition of organic and heavy metals into soil from careless and exploitative practices. These incidents may be remedied by using biodegradable, green surfactants like those produced by GlycoSurf to clean the affected soil.

Want to know more about applications?


About Our Products

GlycoSurf’s proprietary technology produces high-purity and high-performance rhamnolipids and similar glycolipids for incorporation into numerous research and development product application platforms. A variety of specialty rhamnolipids are available for purchase in R&D quantities now, and can be produced in larger quantities upon request.

Significant cost advantages and purity levels are achieved through GlycoSurf’s patented synthetic technology. GlycoSurf’s technology represents a breakthrough from traditionally produced rhamnolipids which are extracted in low-purity and at high-cost through biosynthetic processes. GlycoSurf’s ability to control the manufacturing process of these cosmeceutical and personal care ingredients results in the optimization of the performance of consumer end-products. GlycoSurf surfactants will lower your manufacturing costs and give your company a competitive advantage.


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