GlycoSurf processes follow The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA), and our products are biodegradable and low toxicity “green” materials.


GlycoSurf’s technology can produce surfactant products with a variety of mono- and disaccharide carbohydrates. This results in safe, eco-friendly, therapeutic products.

High Purity

GlycoSurf’s synthetic process produces products in >95% yields; resulting in higher purities and greater performance properties than the competition.

Natural & Bio-Inspired

GlycoSurf’s glycolipid products include natural rhamnolipid biosurfactants and a large variety of unique bio-inspired glycolipid surfactants for application in cleaning, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and bioremediation.

High performance

Many common synthetic surfactants on the market have low performance due to low purity. However, with the high purity of GlycoSurf’s products, performance of our materials is superior to the competitor’s surfactants.

Low Cost

Our products are eco-friendly and higher performing than the competition, and yet our products are offered at a significant cost reduction when compared to the lower performing products on the market.

Who We Are

GlycoSurf is a start-up specialty chemical company founded in 2013 that is based on filed US and PCT technology from the University of Arizona. GlycoSurf was founded by three University of Arizona researchers with technology development funding from Tech Launch Arizona, the commercialization entity of the University of Arizona.

About Our Product

GlycoSurf’s proprietary technology produces high-purity and high-performance rhamnose-containing glycolipids (rhamnolipids) for incorporation into consumer cosmeceutical and personal-care end-products. A variety of specialty rhamnolipids are available for purchase in either R&D or large scale quantities for inclusion in cosmetic or personal care products such as moisturizers, anti-oxidants, skin-lightening creams, anti-aging creams, and sunscreens.

Significant cost advantages and purity levels are achieved through GlycoSurf’s patented synthetic technology. GlycoSurf’s technology represents a breakthrough from traditionally produced rhamnolipids which are extracted in low-purity and at high-cost through biosynthetic processes. GlycoSurf’s ability to control the manufacturing process of these cosmeceutical and personal care ingredients results in the optimization of the performance of consumer end-products. GlycoSurf surfactants will lower your manufacturing costs and give your company a competitive advantage.


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